Prince’s estate announce new season of the official ‘Prince Podcast’

The new episodes will explore the story behind the late icon's 'lost' album 'Welcome 2 America'

Prince‘s estate have announced the upcoming new season of the official Prince Podcast, with the new episodes set to explore the late artist’s ‘lost’ album ‘Welcome 2 America’.

‘Welcome 2 America’ was recorded by Prince in 2010, but he later decided to archive it. The record is now finally set for release on July 30 via Legacy Recordings.

The new season of the Prince Podcast, titled The Story of ‘Welcome 2 America’, will take a deep dive into Prince’s career between 2010 and 2011 to uncover the story behind the making of the record.


The episodes, which will begin on July 22, will also offer listeners their first chance to hear previously unreleased songs from ‘Welcome 2 America’ before its full July 30 release.

“Hosted by music journalist Andrea Swensson and special guest co-hosts Shelby J. and Morris Hayes of Prince’s legendary band the NPG, the four-episode season will take listeners into the studios of Paisley Park and out onto the road to learn more about this prescient and philosophical period of Prince’s later-era career,” a synopsis for the new season of the podcast explains.

“The hosts will be joined by the additional musicians who performed on ‘Welcome 2 America’ – Tal Wilkenfeld, Chris Coleman, Elisa Fiorillo and Liv Warfield – plus important behind-the-scenes collaborators from the era who will shed light on Prince’s creative process and late-night conversations.”

The first episode of The Story of ‘Welcome 2 America’ will be available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.


Earlier this month ‘Born 2 Die’, which features on ‘Welcome 2 America’, was released for the very first time.

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