Prince’s estate release first official merchandise since his death

The 'Hit N Run' store is now open for business

The first official Prince merchandise since the singer’s death has been released by his estate.

The ‘Hit N Run’ merchandise line – named after his surprise album drops – includes t-shirts themed after iconic Prince albums such as ‘Purple Rain’, ‘1999’, ‘Parade’ and ‘Controversy’, as well as a hoodie and purple hat. All items can be shipped internationally.

Check out Prince’s new ‘Hit N Run’ merchandise here.


Meanwhile, a Prince exhibition has recently opened at London’s O2 Arena.

Following in the vein of David Bowie Is and the recent Pink Floyd show Their Mortal Remains, both at The V&A, My Name Is Prince collects costumes, instruments and artefacts from Prince’s career, offering a chance to see the Prince symbol on everything from a tambourine to a hand towel.

Recently, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson revealed in an interview with the Evening Standard that despite Prince’s career being framed and coloured by purple, it wasn’t even his favourite colour.

“It is strange because people always associate the colour purple with Prince…” Nelson says in the interview“but his favourite colour was actually orange.” The news came shortly after Pantone named a shade of purple after the singer.

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