Prince’s siblings will inherit his $200m estate following judge’s ruling

The icon died last April without having made a will

Prince‘s siblings will inherit his estate, a Minnesota judge has ruled.

The musician passed away at his Paisley Park home on April 21, 2016, but had not made a will before his death.

Carver County district judge Kevin Eide decided that, in the absence of a will, his heirs are his sister Tyka Nelson and five half-siblings – Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson.

However, as the Guardian reports, more than 45 people have filed claims to his estate, claiming to be his wife, children or other relatives. Eide has said he will consider any cases sent to him by the appellate courts.

The judge also said Prince’s assets won’t be distributed that might unfavourably affect any pending appeals. He had previously said he wouldn’t declare the musician’s siblings as his heirs until all appeals had been decided.

However, the siblings’ lawyers argued further delays would cause costs to the estate to rise and impede its efficient administration.

Court filings estimate the estate to be worth approximately $200m (£154m), although half of that value is expected to go to federal and state estate taxes.

Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden

Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden, a song by Prince on Spotify

Last week (May 12), another previously unreleased Prince song was unveiled. Titled ‘Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden’, the recording features on the forthcoming ‘Purple Rain’ reissue.

Prince was known to play the two tracks as one during his live appearances, so the song may be familiar to die-hard fans.

The song was recorded during a show on June 7 at First Avenue in Minneapolis in 1984 – the date of Prince’s 26th birthday. You can listen to ‘Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden’ above.