Princess Nokia teams up with Yung Baby Tate for new track ‘Boys Are From Mars’

The pair go after toxic masculinity on their new collaboration

Princess Nokia has teamed up with Yung Baby Tate for a new track called ‘Boys Are From Mars’ – listen to it below.

The latest release from the New York rapper is her first since March’s ‘It’s Not My Fault’, which arrived with a video inspired by Jennifer Lopez‘s ‘If You Had My Love’.

Nokia’s team up with Baby Tate hears the pair tackle toxic masculinity while adding a dash of humour into the mix.


First block him to stop him from blocking your blessin’/ He cute but he dumb, so play dumb and teach him a lesson/ First cut off access, can’t have this, because you’re a present/ Just ’cause his dick good, don’t mean good, he will have you stressin’,” Noka raps on the first verse.

The pair then come together for the playful chorus: “Boys are from Mars, girls are from Venus/ Sink with my heart, link with your penis/ Can’t make me cum but you think you’rе a genius/ Boys are from Mars, girls are from Venus.

Listen to ‘Boys Are From Mars’ below:

In 2020, Princess Nokia released two albums simultaneously in ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ and ‘Everything Sucks’.

In a three-star review, NME said: “Thematically, ‘Everything Sucks’ and ‘Everything is Beautiful’ fail to deliver anything new. They have all the hallmarks of a Princess Nokia record – female empowerment, introspective monologues about her childhood and Bruja spirituality (a type of witchcraft practiced by some Latin American populations).


“Musically, she is yet to develop a cohesive sound […] ‘Everything Sucks’ often feels something like a musical patchwork quilt; all the sounds are stitched together but remain distinctly separate. Perhaps, given Princess Nokia’s notoriously protean nature, this is the point of this whole project.”

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