The New York rapper plays her first British gig in two years in the grounds of London's Pentonville jail...

Risque NEW YORK rapper PRINCESS SUPERSTAR played her first UK gig in two years last night in the grounds of LONDON’s infamous PENTONVILLE PRISON.

Princess Superstar – real name Concetta Kirschner – performed a live PA as part of Desperate, a monthly club night run by Pulp‘s Jarvis Cocker, who DJ’d before and after her 50-minute set.

The gig took place in the prison officers’ social club, a venue accurately known as The Hole In The Wall. No prisoners attended the event, although designer Pam Hogg and Beth Orton – who guests on Princess Superstar’s album – were amongst the crowd.

Accompanied by a DJ, bass player and rapper 7even, Princess Superstar took the stage in hiphop dominatrix gear, later swapping it for a cheerleader’s outfit, pimp garb and a sparkly Union Jack bikini top.

She delivered tracks from her recent ‘Princess Superstar Is’ album, including the first single, ‘Keith ‘N Me’, and her forthcoming single ‘Bad Babysitter’, due for release in February 2002.

Superstar’s performance climaxed with a plea to the crowd to show their love “for New York titty”, stripping to reveal an ‘I

heart New York’ sticker on each breast.

The rapper will also play shows later this week at the Glasgow QMU (November 14) and Manchester University (15).