Private school forced to apologise after Stefflon Don films ‘highly inappropriate’ video on campus

The star is seen smoking marijuana and swearing in the video for 'Pretty Girl'

A top private school has been forced to apologise after Stefflon Don filmed a “highly inappropriate” video on its grounds.

The rapper and singer, whose real name is Stephanie Allen, was given permission to film the music video for her track ‘Pretty Girl’ at Mill Hill School in north London.

However, the video, which was released last week (August 17), features shots of the star in the shower, smoking marijuana in the dormitories and swearing. Governors at the school are now said to be investigating who gave Stefflon Don permission to make the video on campus.

A spokesperson for the private school told Sky News deals such as the one agreed with the musician “should not bring the school into [disrepute].” “We are seeking legal advice on the matter,” they said.

They added that location shooting is only agreed to in order to raise money for the school “in accordance with its charitable objectives”. “We sincerely apologise for the offence caused and will ensure that this does not happen again,” they said.

Chris McGovern, the chairman of the Campaign For Real Education, criticised Mill Hill for allowing the video to be filmed on its grounds. “The message being sent by this video popularises everything which good schools should be against – drug-taking, swearing, and overt sexuality.

“These are all things which schools should be trying to guide pupils away from, not promoting them. Parents who are paying fees for their children to go there will be appalled.”

NME contacted a representative for Stefflon Don, who offered no comment.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Stefflon Don commented on old accusations of colourism that have been made against her. A five-year-old tweet that has since been deleted resurfaced this year, which led to the star being criticised for what people saw as a discriminatory attitude towards “dark-skinned” women.