Professor Green defends rap music in wake of London riots

Musician hits out at Daily Mirror writer

Professor Green has hit back at a piece in today’s Daily Mirror which argued rap music is partly responsible for the current unrest in the UK.

Journalist Paul Routledge said the musical genre has created a “culture of hatred” and called for a
ban. His editorial also commented:

In the end only a change of culture, and the way these kids see the world about them, will work. I would ban the broadcasting of poisonous rap, and urge – require, even – schools to teach that the world is a much better place without pointless rage.

The comments angered Professor Green, leading the British rapper to take to his Twitter page to call Routledge to account.

Paul Routledge is an absolute moron. An absolute fucking moron. Yea ban rap music, silence our voices even more. Ignorant prick. Surely this isn’t about shifting the blame, but accepting responsibility? Neither my music or that of my peers is to blame for society and its faults. We didn’t create the tiers.

Fellow rapper Plan B penned a column in today’s Sun newspaper in which he asked for better education for the rioters.

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