Professor Green: ‘I get a lot of interesting offers from gay fans’

Rapper says he receives lots of propositions from his admirers

Professor Green has revealed that he receives lots of “interesting offers” from his gay fans.

Talking to Attitude magazine, the rapper said he has a strong gay following and detailed the nature of the propositions he often received from his admirers.

He said:

I know from my Twitter how many gay fans I have. I’ve had some really interesting offers, and I’ve also been told what would be done to me. Some of them are polite and say, ‘If you were, I would…’, which is nicer than, ‘If I ever see you, I will…’, which would effectively be rape. But I’m sure they mean well.

Professor Green released his second album ‘At Your Inconvenience’ on October 31. Last year, he got into a Twitter spat with singer Kate Nash and her boyfriend, Ryan Jarman of The Cribs.

The rapper, who was accused of trying to hook up with Nash by organising a meeting between their respective tour managers, was branded “arrogant” and a “prick” by Jarman.

Last month, meanwhile, he admitted that his father’s suicide had made him scared of becoming a dad himself. “The fact my Dad committed suicide is always going to be there,” he said. “I’m better at coping with it than I used to be but it will always be there.”

To watch an interview with Professor Green in which he discusses his thoughts on The Cribs, click below.