Professor Green releasing single with Lily Allen after ‘Facebook chat’

'Just Be Good To Green' set for July release

Professor Green is set to release a song with Lily Allen after the pair decided to collaborate during a Facebook conversation.

The UK rapper’s song ‘Just Be Good To Green’ will be released on July 5 and features a guest vocal from Allen. It is based on The SOS Band‘s 1983 song ‘Just Be Good To Me’, famously reworked into a UK chart-topper in 1990 by Beats International as ‘Dub Be Good To Me’.

Green said that the collaboration was initially Allen‘s idea and was conceived after a Facebook chat between the pair.

“We got chatting on Facebook and I mentioned the track, which turned out to be one of her favourite songs,” explained Green, who has played live with the singer before. “She suggested her singing the chorus. I didn’t take much persuading! Lily‘s wicked. She’s straightforward and honest, you always know where you’re at with her.”

‘Just Be Good To Green’ will be released on Professor Green‘s forthcoming album, ‘Alive ‘Til I’m Dead’, set for release on July 12.