Professor Green calls for heroin to be legalised

The musician has previously called for cannabis to be decriminalised too

Professor Green has called for heroin to be legalised.

The musician, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, has spoken out about the decriminalisation of drugs in the past and hosted a critically acclaimed documentary for the BBC, called Is It Time To Legalise Weed?

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Green disputed whether criminalising drug use worked. “I don’t believe in prohibition for anything,” he said. “You look at the Misuse Of Drugs Act, which was brought in in 1966 [1971]. I believe before that, I think, there was only 17,000 people or so who were using heroin, now it’s well over half a million and we’ve stopped counting.” According to the European Monitoring Centre For Drugs And Drug Addiction, 330,445 people used heroin in 2017. 


The rapper used the example of the prohibition of alcohol, which still exists in many countries with a predominantly Muslim population, such as Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. “If you bring in prohibition for alcohol, people don’t stop drinking alcohol, they start drinking moonshine,” he said.

Green reiterated his thoughts that cannabis should also be legalised for medicinal use. “There’s kids that don’t respond to medication – I think about 20,000 of us in this country – who can pretty much have their fits controlled with medicinal cannabis,” he said. “Why would you take that away from a child? And putting the parents in a position where they’re being penalised for treating their child, seems ridiculous.”

The star recently appeared at Parliament to take part in a symposium held by NME to discuss legalising cannabis for medical reasons. He was joined by Damian Marley, Norman Lamb MP, Doctor Frank D’Ambrosio, and campaigner Kate Rothwell.

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