Professor Green on the importance of supporting white working class boys

"People have become more and more disengaged”

Professor Green has opened up on the importance of supporting white working-class boys in a bid to help them engage with education.

The rapper, real name Stephen Manderson, is gearing up to present Working Class White Men, a new Channel 4 documentary in which he examines the lives of working class white boys within the education system.

In the show, he explores the idea of educational failure, after recent statistics revealed that only 10 percent of white boys from severely disadvantaged backgrounds make it all the way to university.


Speaking to The Guardian, he explained how working class white-boys have become ‘disengaged’ with education, and claimed that a lack of self-belief is often largely to blame.

“People have become more and more disengaged,” he said.

“People have fewer aspirations. From the areas I went to for the documentary, there seems to be a real lack of drive and belief in them being able to achieve anything, and there’s an acceptance of that.

“For middle-class families, your education is your life. For working-class families, in some instances school is just school. You are not expected to do very well. You are expected to get out and do a job and earn. People have to be encouraged from early on to engage with education and think it’s for them.”

He also opened up on spiralling student debt and explained how people were understandably reluctant to pursue a University education when they face the prospect of £50,000 debt.


““It’s easy to see why people don’t push their kids into it,” he said.

“Why would you put yourself in that kind of debt? Putting yourself into £50,000 worth of debt – explain that to someone who does not have £1,000. It’s so off-putting.”

Working Class Men will air tonight on Channel 4.