Professor Green opens up about the night he was stabbed

The rapper spoke to John Bishop about the experience and says he doesn’t hold a grudge against his attacker

Professor Green has opened up about the night he was stabbed in 2009 and explained that he called his nan to say goodbye as he was convinced he was going to die.

The rapper was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle in a nightclub in 2009. His attacker, Anthony Jones, was jailed for eight years.

Speaking on an upcoming episode of John Bishop: In Conversation, Professor Green, whose real name Stephen Manderson, said that the first thing he did was call his nan.


Describing the night to comedian-turned-interviewer Bishop, Green said the incident was a result of a night of “machismo, ego and drinking.”

He said: “If it was a knife it would’ve killed me. We both got broken up, we got arrested, and my phone had fallen out of my pocket.

“I could see the looks on people’s faces, but I felt relatively calm, which was shock, and I asked them to pass me my phone.

“I phoned my nan and I felt so guilty as I said “Nan, I’m so sorry, you put so much into making life better for me, I’m forever grateful, but I don’t think I’m ever going to see you again.’”

Describing the scene that led to him being stabbed, Green said it was his own bravado that meant he squared up to Jones.

Green explained: “He got right in my face to the point where his nose touched mine and he said: ‘You think you’re the baddest boy here?’ and I went bang and I pushed him and said ‘My head’s harder than yours, what are you gonna do?’ And he didn’t do anything.


“Five minutes later, I heard a bit of noise and someone saying he’s got something in his hand, turned and got stabbed like that in the neck.”

Jones, who was studying for a master’s degree in business before the attack, was arrested and later jailed for eight years.

Green explained that he doesn’t hold a grudge against his attacker, saying: “His life could’ve been so different – and that’s what annoys me about it.

“I don’t harbour any grudges. I don’t know why, I should hate him. I just wish he made a different decision.”

Recently, the rapper opened up about the importance of supporting white working class boys.

Professor Green attended this year’s VO5 NME awards, where he crashed and interview with Ella Eyre and prompted James Bay to think about a collaboration.