Protomartyr announce new album ‘Ultimate Success Today’

The Detroit rock band are back with their first new record in three years

Protomartyr have released details of their first new album in three years, alongside a new single and tour dates.

“The re-release of our first album had me thinking about the passage of time and its ultimate conclusion,” singer Joe Casey explained in a new press release. “Listening to ‘No Passion All Technique’ again, I could hear myself hoping for an introduction and a long future, but also being cognizant that it could be ‘one and done’ for us.

“So, when it came time to write ‘Ultimate Success Today’, I was reminded of that first urgency and how it was an inverse of my current grapple with how terribly ill I’ve been feeling lately. Was that sick feeling colouring how I felt about the state of the world or was it the other way around?”


The band have also shared ‘Processed By The Boys’, the first single to precede ‘Ultimate Success Today’. Watch the video below.

The band will play a string of dates across the US and Europe, including two sold out nights in London: at Peckham Audio on April 27, and The Lexington on April 28.

‘Ultimate Success Today’ is due May 29 via Domino. In a four-star review of their last album, 2017’s ‘Relatives In Descent’, NME said: “As America crumbles, Protomartyr have proved that they can be that cereus, blooming in the dark times we inhabit – and continue blossoming into a formidable and vital band.”

‘Ultimate Success Today’ tracklisting:


01. ‘Day Without End’
02. ‘Processed By The Boys’
03. ‘I Am You Now’
04. ‘The Aphorist’
05. ‘June 21’
06. ‘Michigan Hammers’
07. ‘Tranquilizer’
08. ‘Modern Business Hymns’
09. ‘Bridge & Crown’
10. ‘Worm In Heaven’