Psy says success of ‘Gentleman’ proves he’s not a ‘one-hit wonder’

The Korean performer says releasing the 'Gangnam Style' follow-up was 'the worst time ever'

Psy has said that the success of his new track ‘Gentleman’ proves that he is not a “one-hit wonder”.

The Korean performer released the follow-up to his 2012 smash-hit track ‘Gangnam Style’ earlier this month (April 2013). He described the week of its release as “the worst time ever”, admitting that he was “nervous” of people’s reaction.

Speaking about his new track, which has so far peaked at Number 10 in the Official UK Singles Chart, Psy told MTV News : “I honestly changed this song so many times until the very last moment. I was not excited, I was terrible; I was so nervous. My only goal was to avoid being called a one-hit wonder. So that was a very nervous moment right before the premiere; and in two weeks, with 230 million views, I’m not a one-hit wonder. I’m really happy and relieved about that.”


He continued: “I released it on April 12, and on April 13 I had a huge concert in Korea… so that week, it was like hell. On Friday, I had to release the single, and on Saturday, I had to release the video, and I had to do a 50,000-person stadium concert. And that same week, on Monday and Tuesday, I did the shooting [of the ‘Gentleman’ video].

“I was done with the shooting on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, we were editing, and I was rehearsing and I was memorising all the choreography. So that week was like the worst time ever in my life.”

Meanwhile, the video for ‘Gentleman’ has been banned by a broadcaster in Psy’s native South Korea. The state-funded KBS blacklisted the singer for kicking a cone that says “no parking”, explaining that the scene didn’t meet its standards.

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ became a massive viral success due to the popularity of its video and was estimated to have made over $8 million (£5 million) in ad revenues via YouTube. It also broke the site’s record for the ‘most liked’ video ever as well as the most-watched video, and helped the singer become the first Korean artist to bag a UK Number One on the Official Singles Chart.

The track has picked up some unlikely fans with Dave Grohl claiming the song is one of the best tracks of the past decade and Liam Gallagher declaring it an “absolute classic”.