Psy impersonator fools celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

Imposter pretends to be 'Gangnam Style' singer at French event

A man pretending to be ‘Gangnam Style’ singer psy has crashed the Cannes Film Festival, working his way into a number of VIP parties.

The man partied with stars including Skyfall actress Naomie Harris, picked up free gifts, danced on a French TV show and is also believed to have signed on to appear at the Monaco gala. “He was playing it up full scale,” a source told the New York Post. “He had three security guards with him at all times, in suits and earpieces.”

Psy was forced to speak out about the imposter, revealing he is not in Cannes but working in Singapore. “Seems like there’s another ME at cannes,” he tweeted. “Say Hi to him.” Naomie Harris, who appeared in 2012 Bond film Skyfall posted a picture of herself with the fake Psy and was forced to admit her mistake to her followers after realising it was an impersonator. “It looks as if we’ve been fooled, that wasn’t the real (Psy])! Could anyone else tell from the picture? Or am I just going crazy!? Haha!”

The fake Psy was spotted at the Carlton Hotel VIP Room and Martinez Beach, and attended the “secret party” of “millionaire oil magnate and fashion designer” Goga Ashkenazi at Le Baron. He was also seen teaching fellow party goers how to do the dance for ‘Gangnam Style’.

The mystery Psy impersonator is yet to be named.