Public Enemy’s Flavour Fav tries out being a weather reporter

“You know what I’m saying?”

Public Enemy rapper Flavour Fav turned meteorologist for the day to deliver Utah’s weather report.

The rapper was in town visiting his brother and contributed to a few segments on Utah’s Fox 13, including one where he tried to rehome a dog… by casting him in a bacon commercial.

While hosting the weather Flav said: “The weather’s gonna be kind of good today, you know what I’m saying.

“I’m here to bring you the weather. Not only for the good, but for the better. Now check this out, you this over here? Salt Lake City, you got 56 degrees, you know what I’m saying?”

Flav did his best to make weather-based chit chat as he mispronounced the Elko, Nevada as Echo and said “You know what I’m saying” A LOT.

He finished by explaining: “I’m not really a weather person, I’m a rapper.”