Public Enemy get some help on new album

A fellow rap star collaborates with the legends

Public Enemy have enlisted the help of a fellow rapper to help them on their new album ‘Rebirth Of A Nation’.

The album, out on March 7, strongly features veteran rapper and producer Paris, who not only created the music but also wrote “98 percent” of Chuck D‘s verses.

Chuck told Rolling Stone of the collaboration: “I was gonna have somebody do it one time, and he happened to be the one. I told Paris that he would have to come more than halfway to make this happen. There was a diligence he had that was very thorough.”

However, Chuck considers the album – which is billed as Public Enemy featuring Paris – “a special project”. He added, “I look at this album as a work unto itself. I don’t mix it with anything else that I do.”

Public Enemy members Professor Griff and Flavor Flav also feature on the record.

The next ‘proper’ Public Enemy album, ‘How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who’ve Sold Their Soul’ , will be released in 2007.