Swindler's Lust a scathing attack on corporate money grubbers...

Public Enemy have posted an exclusive brand new CD quality track on their official web site, called ‘Swindler’s Lust’, it’s a scathing attack on corporate money grubbers.

It’s also one of the first tracks to be available in the new MP4 format.

This follows the band’s parent label Universal forcing them to take MP 3 samples from forthcoming album ‘Bring The Noise 2000’ off of their site.


Chuck D has been one of the most visionary propagandists for the new format and Public Enemy the first band of major importance to really embrace the new technology.

Writing in the Terrordome section of the site, Chuck D posted what amounts to the first manifesto for internet music:

December 15th the (Recording Industry of America) RIAA were joined by Microsoft, Liquid Audio, AOL, Lucent and ATT to posse up a standard of web music availability against the mp3.

It’s a last-ditch effort for the power players to keep control. Skeptics say that artists will be undercut.

Wrong, what will happen is that there will be more artists in the marketplace.

The day of the demo as we know it is outta here.


Now the possibility of 500,000 independent labels will make the majors revise their thinking. No longer will a home studio from Ohio waste time sending a neat package to LA or New York only to sit up in some incompetent A&R’s office corner collecting dust.

It’s back to Pre-K, big boys will have to learn how to share.

Skeptics ask me, “So, how do you make your money Chuck?”

Well, artists will have to really expand on their art; live appearances, full fan contact and sweat for the $3.00 – $5.00 that the fan will spend outta their hard-earned money.

Now artists will have to work harder for people’s time and money. If you take care of the music and the peeps, they will take care of you. Lastly, we will see artists sell 513 copies and treat it like an accomplishment instead of a failure.

We should count from one upwards, not gold/platinum (industry standards) downwards. The day of the 753,842 selling disc might be rare also in 2003.

I tell folks all the time, record companies sell records, artists have little to do with that process. Artists just make them and are selected to do so. If Mr. Sonybmgemiweuniversal could get $17.00 outta you for Brillo pads they’d sell them too.

Public Enemy: Swindler’s Lust on MP4… changing the way the biz gotta think…

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