Chuck D accused of blaming ills of African Americans on Jews in 'Swindler's Lust'...

Chuck D has not responded to allegations of anti-Semitism levelled against Public Enemy by the Anti Defamation League – a militant Jewish organisation that combats anti-Semitism in the US – over the track ‘Swindler’s Lust’ according to, the website of the US music monthly.

The ADL‘s National Director Abraham H Foxman sent a letter to the CEO of Atomic Pop, PE‘s internet distributors and US label, accusing Chuck D of blaming all the poverty of African Americans on the Jews.

“Given Public Enemy‘s history of derogatory remarks about Jews, we are concerned that some impressionable young listeners will hear that message.”


This refers to the early ’90s controversy sparked off by PE Minister Of Information Professor Griff‘s anti-Semitic comments that resulted in him leaving the group.

Meanwhile, Chuck D‘s sidekick Flavour Flav‘s solo album ‘It’s About Time’ is slated for release in September.

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