Financial services firm JP Morgan & Co seek the Public Enemy frontman's expertise...

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D was in Britain last night, advising City investors on changes in the music industry, can reveal.

The controversial rapper was flown over as the guest of financial services firm JP Morgan & Co to advise its City clients on the likelihood of success among the new dotcom companies and their impact on the music business in general.

Speaking from London‘s glitzy Savoy Hotel, where he was staying for his visit, Chuck told “I was over here giving my take on the digital revolution and how music is going to be distributed. The panel talked about the future of music, and whether investors continue to keep their faith in the major record companies or do they spread the gospel – and I’m hoping that they spread the gospel.”


As previously reported on, the rapper is a staunch supporter of file-sharing on the Internet and has been outspoken in his defence of companies like Napster and that offer free downloads. When asked about the incongruity of such an anti-establishment icon as himself jumping into bed with the British banking fraternity, he added: “Well, if they’re gonna get anybody, they’re gonna have to get me, because I’ve been dealing with this issue heavily for five years.”

The rapper revealed he was also hoping his trip would attract investment from the City for his new Internet label Slam Jamz, in the same way former Creation boss Alan McGee used the London stock market to raise #15million in capital for his new Poptones venture.

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