The Public Enemy frontman tells a congressional committee that MP3 is "the radio of the new millennium"...

Chuck D described MP3 as “the radio of the new millennium” and said the record industry must “start from scratch” while speaking to a Congressional Committee in WASHINGTON.

The Committee is studying online music sharing and distribution, and the Public Enemy singer, a fierce defender of MP3, told them on Wednesday (24 May) the role of sites like Napster was important to established artists but was vital to bands without record deals.

US website [url=] reported him as saying: “I can get my music out this way, but more importantly, guys who don’t have a record deal can be heard worldwide. So many artists don’t get a chance to be on the radio or MTV, or be on a major label. This is how they get heard. Why would you wanna deny them that?”


He added: “The big four [record companies] control so much of the business, that as an artist, I get major beef. This system needs to be eradicated and we must start from scratch.”