The Public Enemy mainman, a vocal supporter of Napster, will be talking about intellectual property and copyright issues through new technologies...

PUBLIC ENEMY’s CHUCK D will address a digital technology conference in WASHINGTON DC in March, it has been revealed.

The rap supremo, a longtime advocate for music and ideas distribution using the Internet, will deliver the key-note speech at The Digital Download: Public Access To Content In A Digital World one-day conference in the US capital’s Renaissance Mayflower Hotel on March 6.

The delegates will be drawn from over 600 US companies involved at every level, from design and development to the manufacturing and distribution of audio-visual electronics and IT. Given the recent US court ruling on the future of Napster, Chuck D’s speech, dealing with intellectual property and copyright issues through new technologies, is particularly relevant. San Francisco Appellate Court ruled on Monday (February 12) that Napster was infringing record label copyright by allowing its users to swap MP3 files. However, it suspended an immediate shutdown of Napster’s operations, pending further legal arguments into the exact nature of the copyright infringement.

Chuck D has been a vocal supporter of Napster since its conception almost two years ago. He has continually said he believes the Internet, and applications such as Napster, allowed for the development of new and existing artists on an unparalleled level, without the need for labels or complicated contracts.