Public Enemy release surprise new album ‘Nothing Is Quick In The Desert’

The album is free to celebrate Public Enemy's 30-year career

Public Enemy have surprised fans with a brand new, free album, titled ‘Nothing Is Quick In The Desert’.

The record – the band’s first since 2015’s ‘Man Plans God Laughs’ – is available as a free download to celebrate Public Enemy’s 30th year. Tweeting about the release, the group’s Chuck D stated, “We thank you & THIS is on US.”

The record’s final track, ‘Rest In Beats (Part 1 & 2)’, pays homage to a number of deceased hip-hop and R&B artists, including Notorious B.I.G., Heavy D, Eazy E, Lisa Left Eye Lopes and many more.

Download and stream ‘Nothing Is Quick In The Desert’ below, via Bandcamp.

Nothing Is Quick In The Desert, by Public Enemy

Nothing Is Quick In The Desert by Public Enemy, released 29 June 2017 1. Nothing Is Quick In The Desert 2. sPEak! 3. Yesterday Man 4. Exit Your Mind 5. Beat Them All 6. Smash The Crowd 7. If You Can’t Join Em Beat Em 8. So Be It 9.

Chuck D has more recently been performing as part of Prophets Of Rage – a supergroup also comprised of members of Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill.  When Prophets Of Rage played their first show in May of last year, bassist Tim Commerford said that De La Rocha had given his blessing to Prophets Of Rage but that the singer had no intention of joining. However, Chuck D – the vocalist in Prophets Of Rage alongside B-Real of Cypress Hill – revealed that he spoke directly to De La Rocha and that the singer was “considering” rejoining his RATM bandmates.

told Rolling Stone: “I called Zack and he said ‘Dude, this is the utmost honour,’ and I’m tickled brown by that. And if Zack wants to come in, they’ve got Rage Against The Machine. If he doesn’t want to, it’s Prophets Of Rage. Getting the approval from Zack was like ‘Yeah, man, this is what it is. This is not Rage, but we’re keeping your seat warm,’ and Zack was like, ‘I’ll consider that.’”

Prophets of Rage played a Brixton Academy show earlier this month which might just have been the best gig of 2017.

Prophets Of Rage features Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk plus Public Enemy turntablist DJ Lord alongside Chuck D and B-Real.