Public Enemy’s Chuck D responds to Kanye West’s presidential vote total

"Absolutely The worst epitome of narcissism"

Public Enemy‘s Chuck D has responded to Kanye West receiving in the region of 60,000 votes in the US presidential election.

West, who formally ended his campaign shortly after midnight local time today (November 4), managed to win some 50,000 votes as 4.30am, 10,000 of which were secured in Tennessee. Some reports claim his figure was closer to 60,000 votes.

West beat candidates from the Constitution Party, The Green Party and the Socialism and Liberation Party in the Southern state, but was 19,000 votes behind his closest competitor – The Libertarian Party’s Jo Jorgensen.


Although he lost this year, West appears to be keeping the door to a 2024 election campaign open, including that year in the caption to his withdrawal tweet.

Taking to Twitter to share his thoughts on West’s total, Chuck D replied to a story reporting the news.

“Absolutely The worst epitome of narcissism,” the Public Enemy frontman tweeted.

West had announced his intention to run for the US presidency in July, also taking to Twitter and saying, “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!” along with the hashtag #2020VISION.

In a recent campaign video, fans of West’s had explained why they would vote for the musician, with one voter emphatically stating, “Kanye West is the best for the American people.”


West’s intention to run was met with a mixed reception, however, the rapper appeared to take the potential role seriously, penning an open letter to a “better America”, vowing to restore the American people’s faith in God and to “free all artists” from unfair publishing and recording deals, all as part of his presidential campaign.

Some of his policies also included a bid to “cure homelessness and hunger”.

Meanwhile, Chuck D has said that organisations need to work together to make US President Donald Trump “sit down”.

Speaking to The Observer, the frontman said he supports the Black Lives Matter movement and thinks that all organisations need to collectively work together ‘in this age of Donald Trump” to make their voices heard.

Chuck said: “I support Black Lives Matter. I think it’s a strong organisation and speaks to now. I think it’s important in this age of Donald Trump that organisations come together, put aside micro-differences and collectively work to make him sit down.”

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