Public Enemy’s Chuck D says organisations need to “come together” to make Donald Trump “sit down”

Chuck D has spoken about Donald Trump ahead of the election next week

Public Enemy’s Chuck D has said that organisations need to work together to make US President Donald Trump “sit down”.

Speaking to The Observer, the frontman said he supports the Black Lives Matter movement and thinks that all organisations need to collectively work together ‘in this age of Donald Trump” to make their voices heard.

Chuck said: “I support Black Lives Matter. I think it’s a strong organisation and speaks to now. I think it’s important in this age of Donald Trump that organisations come together, put aside micro-differences and collectively work to make him sit down.”


He continued: “I can walk into a room and my skin can be louder than hell. Discussions about race in places that are institutionalised are controversial.

“Even if you just breathe and smile, it’s going to be controversial. Public Enemy were confrontational – but how could we not be, especially back then?”

Public Enemy – Credit: Eitan Miskevich

Earlier this year, Public Enemy released their single ‘State of the Union (STFU)’, an explosive criticism on Donald Trump that Chuck D put together with collaborator DJ Premier in under 48 hours.

Speaking to NME about that song, Chuck said: “When it comes to Donald Trump, we simply say: ‘It’s the side that you’re on versus the side that hate you. When they say that you don’t matter, that your lives don’t matter, that’s hatred.”

Speaking about the group’s exploration of US politics on their latest album, Chuck D added: “What this album does is ask the simple question: ‘What are you going to do when the grid goes down?’


“We wanted to use our platform to ask a pertinent question that people seriously have to contemplate, especially going into these 40 days in the United States. Are you prepared for the tricks that governments play? It’s not a period to be asleep. You’ve got to be woke, no matter what comes into play.”

Reviewing ‘What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down’, NME said: “Still bringing the noise after being in the game for over 30 years, ‘What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?’ is Public Enemy’s best effort since 1998’s ‘He Got Game’.

“Continuing to hold leaders accountable in a time when it’s truly needed, the group’s fearless expressions of truth sound right at home pinned to a jet-fuelled backdrop of rip-roaring beats that hammer your eardrums and capture everything hip-hop should stand for.