But the Puddle Of Mudd singer also says he's, like, innocent, man...

Puddle Of Mudd singer WES SCANTLIN has escaped a string of public order offences, following a recent gig after which he was charged with disorderly conduct and pelted by fans.

The frontman originally faced charges of “disorderly conduct intoxication” for spitting in the police car on the way to the station. However Scantlin pleaded to a reduced charge of “disorderly conduct” last week (March 9) and was forced to pay $175 court costs.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Puddle Of Mudd were playing at the Headliners Club in Toledo last month, when the drunken singer, confessing he was “too fucked up to perform”, threw abuse at the crowd as they pelted him with random objects.

The rest of the band had already walked offstage after performing four songs, but Scantlin remained on for a lengthy ramble, playing indistinguishable tunes to an agitated crowd, before dropping his guitar onstage. The frontman was arrested on returning to his dressing room.

Following the verdict, Scantlin said: “I was innocent from the get-go, but, you know, they wanted to make an example out of something or someone, so they picked me, and, you know, there ya go, man.”

He added: “I got arrested for nothing, and it was publicised all over the freakin’ planet Earth, and I really didn’t do anything wrong to anybody, really. I said I was sorry probably ten times.”