Alll the details on the follow up to 'Come Clean'...

Puddle Of Mudd are working towards an “early

Spring” release for the follow-up to their debut album ‘COME CLEAN’.

Working from a converted Los Angeles house, the band has again chosen to record with Creed producer John Kurzweg.

Writing on the band’s official website, guitarist Paul Phillips explained the album’s progress: “Drums are done,” he wrote. “Greg (Upchurch) finished them last night, now we can move on to the important stuff, Guitars!”

“If I had to describe the sound so far, I would just say ‘rawer’. I’m sure there will be some stuff in the vein of ‘Blurry’ but on the whole everything is a lot edgier.”


From Me'”, ‘Already Gone’, and ‘Spin You Around’ are expected to appear on the 13-track album.