Puddle of Mudd singer speaks out after being arrested for taking a buzz saw to neighbour’s patio

Wes Scantlin says the patio is technically his property

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has spoken out over reports that he was arrested for taking a ‘buzz saw’ (a circular saw) to his neighbour’s patio.

The rocker told The Hollywood Reporter that the patio technically belongs to him as it was built, he claims, on his property two years ago. He says the property’s previous owner built a patio when he was on tour with his band and that its construction damaged his own patio and an outdoor staircase.

“To make a long story short, [they thought] ‘OK, dumb rock star is gonna be gone on tour. Dumb rock star is probably going to come home and not notice,” he said. “But I noticed because I can’t get to my patio now. They destroyed 35 feet of my staircase, put up walls and boundaries and completely destroyed and vandalised my wall.” He added that he was not vandalising his neighbor’s property, but was merely “repairing and remodeling my property to the way it used to be.”

The incident appears to be the culmination of a long running feud with his Los Angeles neighbour, electro-pop artist Sasha Gradiva. She claims that Scantlin has attacked her property at least 10 times in the past and that she has repeatedly called the police to alert the authorities to his behaviour.