The star launches a campaign to make voting "sexy"...

Rap mogul Puff Daddy has launched a campaign to get young and minority voters out to vote in the upcoming US presidential election.

At the launch of Citizen Change in

New York yesterday (July 20), the music and fashion magnate said he wanted to make voting “sexy.” Puff Daddy said his group would be non-partisan and aimed to “educate and empower…the forgotten ones” – a group of more than “42 million Americans age 18 to 30 that are eligible to vote on November 2”.

He added that he would make voting appealing in

“the same way we make a Biggie album, a Sean John

shirt, or a ‘Spider-Man’ movie hot, cool and sexy.”

On back of a ‘Vote or Die’ motto, Puff Daddy said there would be t-shirts, partnerships with TV shows and

commercials, websites and a “coalition of the willing” of more than 100 celebrities, all getting behind the message.

While stressing the organisation was built onnon-party lines, several of the star’s key advisers are Democrats – including James Carville,

a key strategist for former President Bill