The star honours his promise to raise money for New York schools after running the city marathon...

Puff Daddy delivered a cheque worth $1 million to the Mayor of NEW YORK yesterday (November 13), honouring his promise to raise money for public schools.

The star completed the 26-mile New York marathon earlier this month in just over four hours. Through corporate and individual sponsorship he has raised around $2 million for charities.

The remaining $1 million will be shared between two other charities, Children’s Hope, set up to help children with HIV/AIDS, andPuff Daddy’s own charity Daddy’s House, which helps teenagers and children with social difficulties, reports MTV


“This is just a drop in the bucket, “This is not a one-time thing,” he said at yesterday’s ceremony. “This is something that’s a lifelong commitment for me. I love children, and I feel like they need more support. I feel the only way it’s going to get better is by getting up and getting out there and doing something about it.”

While Puff Daddy

has said he would not be running the marathon again, he did add: “I said I would not run again, but if there’s any billionaires or private corporations that would like to see me hurt myself next year, my starting price for the kids of New York is $10 million. I will do it, and I will come in under 3:45 for that cheque,” he said. “As long as the money goes to the kids.”

People can still donate to Puff Daddy’s campaign at [url=]