Plus - Prince Charles and Eddy Grant team up, Mel C makes the same album as the last one and COME ON GORAN!!!!

Puff Daddy is taking his career in a new direction.

The hiphop mogul is, says The Star (July 5), set to rap with quiz show hostess Anne Robinson. Puffy, who being a mogul is allowed to frequently change his name and sometimes calls himself P and Diddy and Daddy and Sean but never Thomas or Michael or indeed Simon or even big lad or Ming the Merciless, will appear on a ‘Weakest Link’-sampling single with DJ Echo Bass.

Though on the face of it, this is a curious coupling for Sean, those who have keenly followed his career will know it was inevitable. Puffy loves quiz shows. He appeared on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ and won $64,000. And Tabloid Hell is led to believe that he also has a soft spot for top rating UK games ‘Family Fortunes’ and ‘Catchphrase’. However, it should be noted that his very favourite of all, Tabloid Hell believes, is the axed darts and questions hit ‘Bullseye’. There was rarely a Sunday evening during the late 80s that Puffy wasn’t to be found glued to the television, watching Jim ‘Keep Out Of The Black And In The Red’ Bowen guiding contestants through the nail-biting rounds. In fact, Puffy once appeared on the show, and though he went home with both a Bendy Bully toy and the star prize of a speedboat (his first of many) the highlight for him was undoubtedly meeting famous Scottish ‘arrows’ man Jocky Wilson. It’s a little known fact that Puffy‘s first transatlantic hit ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ was in fact dedicated to Jocky, not, as many thought, to Notorious BIG.


The Star also reveals that Mel C is set to follow ‘Northern Star’, an album with a diverse mix of rock tunes and some more dancey tracks, with a new direction. Of the new album, Mel C herself explains: “I’m heading into the studio. It’s a really diverse mix of rock tunes and some more dancey tracks.”

The Mirror’s Ever Vigilant 3am Girls today reveal that Stella ‘Macca’ McCartney was spotted at a bar in Notting Hill. It follows an equally eagled-eyed spot last week when Stella was spotted on a bicycle. Wearing a yellow dress.

Finally, Tabloid Hell is calling on you to support great mad Goran Ivanisevic in his quest to win Wimbledon. If he does lift the title, you not only get to see him belting a little yellow ball around a field while teetering on the edge of madness, but that whiny, Tory leader-in-waiting robot Henman will be beat along the way.

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