The star says an article in Talk magazine, which claims police at looking at the star's alleged links with gun running, tax fraud and murder, is "not true"...

Rap mogul SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS has denied magazine reports that he is under police investigation for serious crimes, including gun running, tax fraud and murder.

Combs told the Associated Press at the end of last week (June 28) that “it’s not true, none of it is. This has to stop, fact-check all your stuff and don’t throw things out there that you know would possibly have speculations or affect a person.”

He was reacting to an article in New York magazine Talk which alleged the IRS in New York was investigating Puffy for tax violation, that police teams in Los Angeles and Atlanta had questioned him over information he is said to hold about two different murders and that a police team in Las Vegas were looking at whether Combs and one of his bodyguards, Paul Offord, were running guns.

Despite Combs‘ denials, the magazine has said simply: “We stand by the facts of the story.”

Las Vegas police told Billboard they knew of no investigation into Combs, while in Los Angeles a police spokesperson said Combs had been interviewed about two years ago “early in the investigation” into the murder of a Death Row Records associate. And they had no plans to do so again.

Combs himself said he rang the IRS to ask if they were investigating him and was told no. He added that the article “is definitely hurtful and it’s upsetting, and it’s, like, disgusting”.