According to a New York magazine, the star also faces allegations of gun-running and Income Tax fraud...

Just weeks after being acquitted in a high profile nightclub shooting trial, the rap impresario SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS is tied up in two separate murder investigations and faces allegations of gun running and Income Tax fraud, according to a NEW YORK magazine.

Police in Atlanta and Los Angeles, it is alleged, believe the Bad Boy Records chief is withholding information relating to two high-profile murders.

An article in the August edition of Talk says murder detectives in Los Angeles suspect Combs knows something about the 1997 slaying of Biggie Smalls that could lead to a break in the case. However, police have been reluctant to confirm the report. “We get a lot of questions about the case, but we wouldn’t comment on who we’ve talked to or who we haven’t talked to,” Sgt. John Pasquariello told the New York Daily News (June 27).

A more serious charge comes from Atlanta. The magazine quotes an anonymous source claiming Combs and his bodyguard Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones (himself acquitted in March in the Club New York nightclub shooting trial) are been looked at in connection with the murder of Jal Hassan-Jamal Robles – a 24-year-old Death Row Records employee gunned downed outside an Atlanta hiphop club in 1995.

It says Combs was present at the murder and that an eyewitness has identified Jones as the murderer.

Jones lawyer Michael Bacher has said his client had nothing to do with the incident.

Combs lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, was more emphatic, insisting the allegations were “entirely baseless and without any merit.” He added that he was “not aware of any criminal investigation in which he [Combs] is a target.”

In Las Vegas, police are looking into whether Combs and another of his bodyguards, Paul Offord, were running guns.

The magazine says Combs and Offord might have developed a nationwide network to supply the superstar and his entourage with guns when they travel. Las Vegas police refused to comment.

The alleged tax fraud is by comparison rather tame. The IRS (the US’ federal tax bureau) is looking into whether or not Puffy has declared all his income and whether he was using business assets, such as some of his fleet of cars, for personal matters.

A UK spokesperson for Puffy could not be reached at press time.