And the star looks like being the next to get the Osbournes-style docu-treatment...

Puff Daddy is set to executive produce the new album by female rapper FOXY BROWN.

The Bad Boy Recordings founder will work on ‘Ill Na Na 2: The Fever’ with Foxy’s brothers, Gavin and Anton Marchand, according to MTV.

“Yeah, we working on that,” Puff Daddy said recently. “I think you can see by the albums that I’ve executive produced over time that I bring a movie on wax. I try to see myself as Spielberg. I’m gonna make a big, big movie. I’m gonna make you be able to see it from beginning to end. I’m gonna transform the whole situation and get it where it needs to be.”

In related news, unconfirmed reports claim Puff Daddy is next up for the fly-on-the-wall docu-treatment that catapulted The Osbournes to megastardom. Puff Daddy had been mooted as a subject for the next MTV filmed show, but nothing had been confirmed. Now a source has told NME.COM agreement has been reached and that MTV will make an announcement later this week.