Sean Combs, and ex-girlfriend Kimberly Porter spend three hours hammering out an agreement for their son Christian, which could run into millions...

Puff Daddy settled a long-running custody case over his three-year-old son at a NEW YORK court yesterday (March 5) after failing to appear on nine previous hearings.

The hearing examiner David Kirshblum had threatened to have the hip-hop impresario jailed if he made another no-show. In the event, Puff Daddy, real name Sean Combs, and ex-girlfriend Kimberly Porter spent three hours hammering out an agreement for their son Christian.

The Bad Boy Records kingpin also apologised to the court, telling Kirshblum that he “meant no disrespect to this court or yourself” for his earlier no-shows.

Porter will now receive child support, health insurance and other necessary payments. While exact details were not revealed, the figure is believed to run into millions.

The pair left the court together to show there was no bad feeling. Both retain joint custody of their son.

The hearing marked a more comfortable a few hours for Puff Daddy than his last visit to a New York court. In spring last year he spent several months staring at jail time over a nightclub shooting incident. He was eventually acquitted of gun and bribery charges. His co-accused and one-time protege Shyne was not so lucky. The young rapper was sentenced to ten years on two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession for his part in the December 1999 shooting.