Puff Daddy releases star-studded album ‘MMM’ featuring Lil Kim and Wiz Khalifa

'MMM' was launched in honour of Sean Combs birthday

Puff Daddy has released an album entitled ‘MMM’ in honour of his own birthday, having turned 46 today.

‘MMM’ stands for ‘Money Making Mitch’, and has been on the cards for at least 18 months, alongside another album entitled ‘No Way Out 2’. Information on the relative progress of the two albums has been thin on the ground over recent months, however, and there was little fanfare in advance of today’s release, which has been made available for free.

Combs had previously released ‘Big Homie’ and ‘I Want Love’ ahead of the pair of promised albums. Today’s release stars Wiz Khalifa, Lil Kim, Pusha T, Travis Scott, Future and Big Sean amongst a whole load more.


Earlier this year, Puff Daddy was banned from attending his son’s college basketball games after a bust-up with the coach.

He told a local radio station:

“As I know right now I’m not allowed [to future games]. I think there’s times when you have to just communicate and find out what’s going on and be by your children’s side,” he continued.

“At the end of the day it’s just about communication to me. I went there to communicate. I can’t speak about anything else that happened.”

Listen to ‘MMM’ below: