A forthcoming episode of 'Law & Order' bears an uncanny resemblance to recent events in Puffy's life...

The nightclub shooting trial of SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS appears to be the inspiration behind a new episode of the top-rating US television show ‘LAW & ORDER’.

According to Foxnews in the US, a future episode will feature a “black hiphop star with his own clothing line, who has a Park Avenue townhouse and a place in the Hamptons”. In the show, the star, Darryl ‘G-Trane’ Collins, will be caught up in a shooting in a nightclub he visits with his girlfriend, in her “20s Latina, rising star”.

The episode, ‘3 Dawg Night’, will start filming on May 7 but will not air in the US until the autumn, reports

A spokesperson for Combs, now known as P Diddy, said the story was “pure entertainment” and that it “doesn’t affect him”.

As in the real trial of Combs earlier this spring, the star in question, it turns out, has nothing to do with the shooting. However, the rap impresario’s former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez will not be so pleased with the outcome of the show. It is reportedly the Latina character who pulls the trigger.