Arista reported to find the star too expensive and controversial...

P DIDDY has been dropped by his record label BMG/ARISTA.

According to today’s (September 7) Sun newspaper, the superstar has been ditched because he is too expensive and controversial.

Diddy is said to be “stunned” by the decision, “but trying to be philosophical”.

P Diddy has struggled to match his global success of the Mid-90s, with worldwide hits such as his 1997 tribute to his murdered pal Biggie Smalls, ‘I’ll Be Missing You’. But while his sales have slumped, his lifestyle is reported to have become increasingly extravagant, with lavish demands, huge entourages and expensive videos. He signed 25 bands to his and BMG’s Bad Boy label, but with little success.

A friend of the star’s said: “He doesn’t do things by halves and the books just weren’t balancing. But don’t write him off. He has immense talent and we’re sure he’ll bounce back.”

There is some good news for the star – Sony and Universal are reported to be interested in signing him.