Animal-lovers have slammed Puffy for using fur in his latest fashion collection...

SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS has run into trouble with an animal rights group for reneging on a promise not to use real animal fur in the autumn 2001 range of his SEAN JOHN clothing line.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have labelled the Bad Boy Recordings boss a “Neanderthal” after 28 items, including a mink kimono with fox fur trim and a lamb-suede sweatsuit with a lynx-tail scarf, were featured at the New York catwalk show for his new range on Saturday (February 10).

Puffy had released a statement the previous day stating he had “evolved” and that “his clothing line has matured with him”. Hampton Carney, the chief publicist for Sean John added: “That’s why he’s no longer featuring fur on himself or in his clothing line.”

Satisfied with the claim, PETA called off a protest planned for the show. They had intended to pelt the clothes with tomatoes, stickered with the message: “Throw me at a fur-wearer.”

Lisa Lange, director of publicity and communications for PETA, was incensed.

“We hoped, that as Puffy’s people had stated, that he had ‘evolved’ and ‘matured’, but now it seems that he will remain a Neanderthal,” she told [url=]

“Puff Daddy is a role model in the hip hop community and to his two sons, but instead of using his position to promote compassion, he is promoting violence and cruelty by showing and wearing fur. He is obviously not proud of his work, as he went to great lengths to hide the fact by lying to the press and PETA.”

A spokesperson for Puffy told Sonicnet that the star had made the decisions “at the last minute” and that he was “creating the clothes to satisfy his own vision as a designer and businessman”.

Meanwhile, a more pressing concern for Puffy is his the ongoing Manhattan court case where he, bodyguard Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones and rapper Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow are being charged in connection with the now infamous December 1999 Club New York nightclub shooting. Friday’s hearing (February 9) saw the familiar see-saw action in place, with one side attempting to discredit the evidence offered by the other.

Most interestingly, it has been established that bullet fragments found in the roof of the club (said to have been discharged on the night) did not come from the gun found on the floor of the car in which Puffy fled the scene.

However, a ballistics expert testified that 9mm cartridge casing found on the floor of the club had to have come from the gun that police allegedly found on Shyne.