The star's not gonna 'blow' it all - He's just gonna do even more for charidee...

As the UK celebrates its first ever top prize winner on quiz show ‘WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?’, rap superstar SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS has emerged as the music industry’s top player in US celebrity version of the show.

Puffy answered 12 questions correctly to win $125,000 for charity on the show. Up against contestants such as actor Charlie Sheen and supermodel Tyra Banks, the Bad Boy Records boss won his place in the hot seat with US host Regis Philbin with a fastest finger time of 7.57. Puffy decided to donate the winnings from the ABC network show, screened through the week of November 12 to 19, to Daddy’s House Social Programme – a charity he established offering educational programs to inner-city children.

And the star’s charitable works will be in evidence again later this week when he will treat thousands of homeless people in Atlanta, Georgia to a Thanksgiving meal.

Combs, who owns ‘Justin’s’ restaurant in the city, will reportedly hand out some 30,000 food parcels on Thursday (November 23). Of the donation he said: “It’s a crazy thing to have your stomach growling and not knowing you’re about to eat. I feed the hungry in New York every year for the holidays and I’ve seen hands on what this does for the people and it’s something we need to all come out and support even if it?s just a dollar.”