Puff Daddy could be in the dock again - this time because a tenant of his claims that the property is infested with "insects, rodents and vermin"...

As week two kicks off in the NEW YORK trial of SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS and young rapper SHYNE, it has emerged that PUFFY is facing another court action on the WEST COAST of the US.

Inge Bongo, a woman renting one of his properties in Los Angeles for $25,000 a month, has filed a claim alleging the home is “infested with insects, rodent and vermin”.

According to Associated Press, she has also claimed that due to a broken door lock, she was forced to come and go from the house using a dog flap. She also claims to have been on the receiving end of death threats sent to Puffy. She is seeking undisclosed damages.

However, Nathalie Moar, a spokesperson for the rapper, said if anyone had right to sue it was Puffy.

She said Bongo owes $50,000 in back rent and around $40,000 for damage caused. She moved into the house in November 1999 on a one-year lease but moved out in August last year because of the living conditions.

Meanwhile, Combs and Shyne are back in Manhattan Supreme Court today (February 5), alongside Combs’ bodyguard Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones, on weapons charges related to a shooting incident in Club New York on December 27 1999.

Among the witnesses this week should be Wardel Fenderson, the driver of the car in which Puffy, Jones and Puffy’s girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were stopped fleeing the scene. Fenderson is the man Jones and Puffy are alleged to have attempted to bribe into admitting ownership of the gun found on the floor of the car. He is expected to testify to having seen Puffy with a gun BEFORE entering the club. It will be the first eyewitness testimony definitely claiming Puffy had a weapon. Last week, most witnesses claimed he didn’t, though Shyne lawyer Murray Richman raisied the possibility that if Puffy did have a gun, then it may have a been he, not Shyne, who fired a bullet that ricocheted from the roof and floor, injuring three people.

The man identified as Scar, with whom the fight that led to the shootings started, will also testify. Defence lawyers are expected to grill him over whether or not he and his companions brandished weapons on December 27.

Most significantly for all those following the trial is the possibility that Jennifer Lopez may take to the witness box.

Both prosecution and defence are keen to have her on their side, as witnesses have put her “in the middle” of the incidents of the night.

Combs’ chief counsel, celebrity defender Johnnie Cochran, said last week that if she did testify, it would most probably be for the defence.

Puffy and Jones are charged with bribery and weapons possession, while Shyne is facing attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and weapons possession.