A New York woman claims a phone conversation she had was used in a song produced by the star...

Puff Daddy, Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Cease have been named in a $200 million lawsuit filed by an 18-year-old NEW YORK woman, who claims that a private phone conversation she had with Lil’ Cease was used without her permission on CEASE‘s song ‘PLAY AROUND’.

According to [url=]www.manhunt.com, Danyella “Sunshine” Rogers says the sample is an invasion of her privacy and caused her mental strain, humiliation and damaged her reputation.

Puffy‘s lawyers contest that he was not at fault because he only guested on the track and executive-produced it, which did not require him to clear the samples.

Meanwhile, Kid Rock‘s manager Stephen Hutton is suing him for $4 million for breach of contract, claiming he was unjustly fired.

In a statement issued on Wednesday (July 12), reported on , and his career, I am forced to pursue legal action to get what I deserve.”

He claims he is entitled to 15% of Kid Rock‘s gross income, because he helped him land a lucrative contract with Atlantic Records that led to his 1998 multi-platinum major label debut ‘Devil Without A Cause’.