The limo driver who drove the hip-hop impressario from the scene of a New York shooting claims "emotional distress"...

Rapper/producer SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS and BAD BOY RECORDS are facing a $3million lawsuit from a limo driver who claims to have suffered “emotional distress” after driving COMBS and girlfriend JENNIFER LOPEZ away from the scene of a NEW YORK shooting.

As previously reported on, both Combs and Lopez were questioned by police after a triple shooting in a Times Square nightclub on December 27 last year. At the time, police said there was a dispute inside the club and a suspect produced a gun and shot three victims. Jamal Barrow, 19, was arrested outside the club for criminal possession of a handgun.

According to police, Combs and Lopez were in a car which was stopped at 2.30am a few blocks away from the club after fleeing the scene. A gun was also found in the car.

Now, according to US reports, the driver of the car, Wardell Fenderson, filed a suit on Wednesday (October 4), claiming he suffered emotional distress as a result of the evening’s events. The New York Post reports that Fenderson claims to have suffered “personal injuries” and “the intentional infliction of emotional distress” during and after the incident. also reports that elsewhere in the suit, Fenderson was ordered by Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones, a bodyguard present in the vehicle, to “take off and not stop for anyone”, and as a result ran through numerous red lights before pulling over for police.

Also speaking to the New York Post, Combs‘ attorney Benjamin Brafman said: “We have always maintained that Combs did not have a gun, any time.”