The mother of Sean 'Puffy' Combs' three-year-old son is seeking a huge maintenance payout...

Following his acquittal for gun and bribery charges on Friday (March 16), SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS is set to face more time in court, after it emerged this morning (March 19) that a former girlfriend is suing him for child support.

Model Kim Porter is seeking over £4 million in child support for their three-year-old son Christian, according to The Mirror newspaper.

Kim, the paper says, is seeking £1.4 million to buy an apartment, plus £14,000 a month until the child is 18. She is also demanding additional cash for medical and tuition fees.

Puffy already pays some maintenance. The rap boss and Kim met eight years ago. He had no comment about the case.

Meanwhile, Puffy has spoken about his feelings about being cleared of five gun charges by the New York jury. “I’m going to take some time out. I have to see what’s important – my family, my children, my faith in God,” he said.

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