Sean Combs was even relaxed enough to perform a dance move at Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday (March 14)...

SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS is “confident” of a positive outcome in his nightclub shooting trial, his lawyer BEN BRAFMAN told reporters at MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT yesterday (March 14).

Following the lifting of a gag order banning any communication about the case, Brafman added, “Obviously he’s concerned that the jury comes to a verdict that is appropriate.”

His client spent the day in the Manhattan Supreme Court building in a relaxed mood, strolling around, chatting to well-wishers, signing autographs and even at one point spinning a dance move, leading one of his defence team to quip, “Nervous energy!”

The jury failed to reach a decision after six hours of deliberation and were sent to a hotel for the night. They were due to return this morning (10am EST or 3pm GMT) to continue. They will remain in isolation until a verdict is reached. The trial, during which 60 witnesses were presented, was concluded on Tuesday, two days into its seventh week.

Combs and his two co-defendants Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones and Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow face charges related to a shooting in Club New York on December 27 1999. While Jones and Combs face weapons and bribery charges with a maximum sentence of 15 years, Shyne has the additional charges of attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment to counter.

The jury yesterday seemed to focus their thoughts on Shyne. According to Court TV, at 2.30pm (EST) they asked to see diagrams of the club showing where Shyne was standing in relation to the three shooting victims. Two hours later, jurors asked the judge to re-explain the law concerning the attempted murder and assault charges against Barrow.

Judge Solomons had earlier spent two hours directing jurors on points of law and how to fill out verdict sheets. He also said that they alone must assess and evaluate the credibility of each witness. The case turns on eyewitness testimony of the night.

A crowd of dozens of Puffy supporters gathered outside the court yesterday, many carrying ‘Not Guilty’ placards.

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