Puff on a rap…

Rap superstar testifies...

SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS yesterday testified before Manhattan Grand Jury in New York in relation to his alleged involvement in a shooting last week.

The Grand Jury are to decide whether or not Puff Daddy should face weapon charges following a triple shooting on December 27 at Manhattan’s Club in New York.

Combs faces two felony weapons charges, one for allegedly pulling a gun during the nightclub dispute and for carrying a stolen gun which the police allegedly found on the front seat of his car just minutes after the incident as he drove off with with his singer/actress girlfriend JENNIFER LOPEZ and a bodyguard.


The rapper is still insisting that he doesn’t carry weapons and was not carrying one that night.

The Grand Jury are also trying to decide whether to charge rapper JAMAL ‘SHYNE’ BARROW on attempted murder charges following the gun incident.

Weapons charges against Lopez were dropped after she testified last week.

She is now reportedly considering dumping Puff to rescue her career, and said: “You can’t be Hollywood’s sweetheart if you’re running from the cops.”.

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