The star maintains he was not involved in the incident...

SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS has made his most vehement claim of innocence yet on weapons charges he is set to face in a MANHATTAN court next week (January 8).

Combs and his Bad Boy Entertainment protege Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow are finally set to go to trial on Monday over their alleged involvement in a nightclub shooting in December 1999.

Combs faces charges of illegal possession of a handgun, alleged to have been used in the attack, found on the floor of a Lincoln Navigator people carrier in which he was stopped by the police as he fled the scene. He and his bodyguard Anthony Jones, also present in the vehicle, are also charged with attempting to bribe the driver Wardel Fenderson with $50,000 to tell police the gun belonged to him.


Shyne faces more serious charges of attempted murder and assault after three people were wounded during the shooting at the Club New York on December 27, 1999.

However, Puffy is maintaining he was not involved.

Claiming that the car in which he made his getaway was not his usual vehicle, he told the New York Daily News he had no idea a gun was inside.

“You don’t know where the gunshots are coming from, who they’re trying to hit,” he told the newspaper. “I’m thinking, ‘Let me get my girlfriend (actress Jennifer Lopez, not facing any charges from the shooting) the hell outta here.’ I would have jumped into a police car. I would have run down the street with Jennifer on my back!”

Both Combs and Barrow face a jail sentences of anything up to 15 years if found guilty.

Check out NME.COM’s exclusive interview with Shyne later this week.

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