Mathhew 'Scar' Allen's absence has led to prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos being accused of being involved in "selective prosecution"...

As the prosecution team prepares today (February 21) to rest their case against PUFF DADDY in his NEW YORK shooting trial, it has emerged that a key witness has disappeared.

Matthew ‘Scar’ Allen, a former convict who it has been alleged prompted the shooting that left three injured, has been missing since he failed to show up in a Brooklyn court on an unrelated gun charge during January.

“Mr Allen, as far as I know, is clearly a fugitive,” admitted his own lawyer Kenneth Schreiber yesterday (February 20).

Lawyers for Combs and his co-defendants, rapper Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow and bodyguard Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones, have said in court that Allen, not the defendants, should take the blame for instigating the Club New York shootings, on December 27, 1999.

According to

[url=]www.sonicnet.com , they’ve suggested that ‘Scar’ and the people with him at the club had guns, and that .40 caliber bullets found at the venue could be linked to him or his friends.

Some witnesses in the trial have already testified that in the moments before the shooting began Scar screamed threats at Combs and then threw a roll of banknotes at the rapper.

The defence have accused Prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos of being engaged in “selective prosecution”, constructing a case against Puffy and associates without considering Allen. The prosecution have denied the claim.

The case, in Manhattan Supreme Court, is now in its fourth week.

Puffy, Jones and Shyne faces charges relating to the shooting. While Puffy and Jones face weapons and bribery charges, Shyne is up on the more serious charges of attempted murder, reckless endangerment and weapons possession.

The case could run for another three weeks.