He alleges that Puff Daddy offered him $50,000 if he claimed that the weapon found by police belonged to him...

SEAN “PUFFY” COMBS’ driver has told a court in NEW YORK that he was offered $50,000 to say the gun allegedly used in the shooting incident in CLUB NEW YORK last year belonged to him.

Giving evidence yesterday (February 15), Wardel Fenderson claimed that Puffy’s bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones told him: “Listen, dog, you don’t have a record, you’ll just get probation. I would take the gun, but I’m a predicate felon, I would get some time. We can’t let P do time… If you do this, you’re part of the family.”

And he claimed that Puffy said: “I’m Puff Daddy, I can’t take this gun,” as he made the offer of a bribe after the weapon was found by police in the car in which Puffy, Jennifer Lopez, Jones and he were fleeing the club on December 27, 1999.

According to reports on [url=], he said he was in fear of being physically assaulted, and admitted that he complied: “Out of fear, out of being in shock, and to be honest, $50,000 sounded good for a night’s work.”

He said he was given a diamond pinkie ring as a “down-payment”, but eventually withdrew his statement, and told the police: “I’m not gonna take the gun for the bad guy. It’s not my gun.” He alleged that when Combs found out about his turnaround days later, he said: “You dog, you can’t be telling people I offered you the money.”

A message allegedly left by Combs on Fenderson’s answering machine was played in court, in which Puffy said he was “really fucked up” by “the news you hit me with earlier” and he wanted to “make you feel, like, comfortable… make your family feel comfortable”. Fenderson said at first he took that as a message expressing sympathy because he had been fired from his job over publicity surrounding the incident, but later decided the “news” was his refusal to take the bribe.

Fenderson testified earlier in the day that he had seen a gun in Combs’ waistband as he drove the party away from the scene in the Lincoln Navigator in which the gun was found beneath the right-hand front seat.

The case continues today, with Fenderson back in the witness box to face further cross-examination.