And - wait for it - Ice-T's going to play a cop...

SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS is to star as a NEW YORK crime boss in upcoming independent film ‘MADE’.

The film, directed, written and co-starring Jon Favreau, the man behind hit comedy ‘Swingers’, will also star Famke Janssen, Vince Vaughn and veteran actor Peter Falk.

In a posting on the film’s website [url=], Favreau commended Combs as being “one of the best prepared actors I have ever worked with”.

He added: “For those of you wondering if he’s got the goods, I’m here to tell you he does. This may’ve been his first role, but it will not be his last.”

In the film, currently in post-production, Vaughn and Favreau play two West Coast boxers who fall in with Combs when they try to make their fortune amongst small-time gangsters in New York.

Favreau also revealed that Combs approached him to ask for the part after having read the script. And the star rapper made no huge pay demands but agreed to work “for me for scale like all the other actors,” said Favreau.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that actor/rapper Will Smith is to reprise the roles made famous by Sir Alec Guinness, who died this weekend, in a remake of the 1949 classic ‘Kind Hearts And Coronets’. Smith will play all seven members of the same family, bumped off by Louis Mazzini (who he will also play) as Mazzini attempts to inherit the family money and title by getting rid of possible successors. Robin Williams is tipped to co-star.

And finally, Ice-T – the man whose group Bodycount recorded the song ‘Cop Killer’ – is reported to be set to take on the roll of a detective in a US TV series. Ice-T – real name Tracy Marrow – is to join the cast of NBC series ‘Law And Order: Special Victims Unit’ in the US. He will play Detective Odafin Tutuola, a streetwise veteran cop who is teamed up with Detective John Munch, played by Richard Belzer.

Director Dick Wolf said: “Working with Ice is always a pleasure. He is a consummate professional, a great actor, a terrific person and he has a great sense of humour.”